Buy Dried Jujube


At Jujube Australia we sell 4 varieties of dried jujube online, each with its own size, shape and delicious flavour.

Everyone seems to have his or her favourite – which is yours?

Prices are inclusive of postage and handling for regular parcel delivery by Australia Post anywhere within Australia. Payment is conducted securely through PayPal (and you can pay by credit card as a guest if not a PayPal member). Simply choose your quantity of jujubes from the drop-down menus below (400g – 5kg).


Li: Our largest and most popular jujube – great flavour. (~120 fruit per kg)

ChicoJujube_130x130Chico: A small and sweet jujube developed at Chico, California from trees sourced from China. (~270 fruit per kg)

Shui-menJujube_130x130Shui-men: A medium-sized and oblong-shaped jujube sometimes described as having a caramel flavour. (~180 fruit per kg)

PearJujube_130x130Pear: A flavoursome medium-sized jujube fruit with a distinctive pear shape. Also known as Ta Jan or Lang. (~180 fruit per kg)

MixedJujube_130x130Mixture: A mixture of the available varieties above (recommended for first time buyers!).

Please note:

  • GST is not applicable and we only sell fruit within Australia. For orders above 5kg please contact us for a special price.
  • The taste of dried Chinese jujube resembles that of a date palm fruit – which is why the jujube is often referred to as ‘red date’. We sell our nutritious jujubes with their single small pit (similar to that of an olive) intact in the middle of the fruit. The jujube flesh is naturally sweet with a chewy texture and you can eat the fruit directly (nibbling around the pit!), make a tea or cook them in your favourite recipe.
  • Dried jujubes will store for ‘years’ in a cool, airtight container. But they are too delicious to leave for that long!