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More jujube health benefits revealed…

Great to see more health benefits being published about the wonderful jujube fruit! Check out the link below:

2017 dried jujubes are here!

dried jujubes 2017Our 2017 jujubes are now available to purchase! After being dried to be just right, our nutrient packed jujubes are delicious and chewy and ready to be devoured! You can buy our dried jujubes at Our quality is excellent this year and stocks are limited!

Jujubes enjoy a sleep-in too!

Our jujube trees had a long sleep-in this season following a cool start to Spring. But the good news is that their fruit is now ripening beautifully in the Mildura sunshine, with our Chico jujubes leading the way in transforming from green to red. Crisp, delicious and nutritious – so good!

Fresh jujubes almost here!

Get ready for the 2016 arrival of our nutrient packed jujubes! Our delicious jujubes continue to develop under the brilliant Mildura sunshine, so it won’t be long before you can enjoy the crisp, sweet flavour that only the jujube can deliver. If you cannot find our fresh jujubes at your local fruit shop (we send fruit into Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) do not despair! Our fresh jujubes will once again be available directly from our website and will be posted chilled to your door by Express Post.

Meet Finn the jujube

Our jujubes are packed with personality, none more so than this character that we discovered during our 2015 harvest. We named this jujube Finn. Needless to say, nobody at Jujube Australia could contemplate eating Finn the jujube, so Finn took pride of place on a shelf in our packing shed where he kept a close eye on the harvest.

Look up in the air – it’s, it’s…netting!

Not surprisingly, parrots love jujubes too! Perhaps a little bit too much though… As word has spread among our surrounding parrot population about the tastiness of our jujubes we have found it necessary to net our orchard to protect the fruit. Back to your native diet thanks parrots! And a pleasant surprise awaits our jujube trees when they wake from their winter slumber…

Dried Jujubes are Back!

Dried Jujube

Phew! The wait is over! Our 2015 harvest jujubes have been fully ripened on the tree, then carefully picked and dried to transform into delicious and chewy red dates. Your patience is now rewarded with sweet and nutritious jujubes to sustain your body and soul – enjoy!

Buy fresh jujubes online!

To celebrate the start of both our 2015 jujube harvest and the Chinese New Year we now have fresh jujubes available online! Simply order with PayPal on our website and we will Express Post your freshly-picked, crisp jujubes to your home. Convenient, nutritious and delicious!

Picking and packing jujubes

Our pickers and packers Finn, Chiara and Flo are expertly packing our remaining jujubes after another busy harvest in 2014. And thanks again to our wonderful customers across Australia for your valued patronage again this year.

New jujube boxes

Can’t wait to try fresh jujubes in 2014? Then look out for our brand new, bright yellow box with the dragon logo! Buying your fresh jujubes from Jujube Australia means that you receive top quality jujubes that are simply delicious.

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