Jujube Tea

Dried jujube is an essential ingredient in many traditional recipes and is particularly popular as a tea (known as daechucha in Korea). It is widely used in soups or it can be candied or used to make jujube syrup. In baking, dried jujube can be used in place of raisins, sultanas and dates in many recipes.

Jujube Tea

To make refreshing jujube tea or daechucha (consumed hot or cold) place 100g of roughly-chopped dried jujube in a saucepan for each 1L of water. Bring to the boil then simmer (with lid on) for 30 minutes. Enjoy the tea hot or let cool, drain through a sieve and store in the fridge.

Hint: Fresh ginger complements this recipe beautifully – just add a slice to the saucepan along with the jujubes before boiling. Kids love it chilled!

Dried Jujubes are Back!

Phew! The wait is over! Our 2015 harvest jujubes have been fully ripened on the tree, then carefully picked and dried to transform into delicious and chewy red dates. Your patience is now rewarded with sweet and nutritious jujubes to sustain your body and soul – enjoy!

Buy fresh jujubes online!

To celebrate the start of both our 2015 jujube harvest and the Chinese New Year we now have fresh jujubes available online! Simply order with PayPal on our website and we will Express Post your freshly-picked, crisp jujubes to your home. Convenient, nutritious and delicious!

Baby jujubes…

Our jujube trees are loving the spring sunshine and adding a cloak of foliage to their winter skeletons. And the first of our baby jujubes are now appearing – isn’t this one cute! Fingers crossed that you and your flower friends may grow into nourishing fruit and put a smile on a great many faces.

Jujube harvest almost complete…

Wow, what a busy 6+ weeks we have had harvesting our jujube fruit. Most of our fresh jujubes have now been devoured by our wonderful customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. And whilst the fresh harvest is sadly almost complete, take solace in the knowledge that we now have plenty of dried jujube of excellent quality to provide sustenance and winter cheer. Warm jujube tea – simply delicious!