Welcome to Jujube Australia!

At Jujube Australia we grow jujubes – a fruit that is delicious, ancient and nutritious.

BREAKING: We now have a limited number of jujube trees for sale!

In its native China the jujube fruit is also known as Chinese date or red date. The fruit grows on the Ziziphus jujuba tree and tastes great fresh (crisp like an apple) or dried (sweet and chewy). And you can buy fresh and dried jujube, and jujube trees, from our Australian family farm right here.

Jujubes are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with fresh jujubes containing around 500mg of Vitamin C per 100g of fruit. Little wonder the jujube is often labelled a superfood and even The Healthiest Fruit on Earth! The nutritious dried jujube is widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine too.

Our Australian-grown jujubes thrive in the brilliant sunshine of Mildura, close to the mighty Murray River. We pride ourselves on producing jujubes of premium quality that we dry naturally without any additives such as sulphur. 100% jujube – just as nature intended.