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Dried Jujube - Available Now!

At Jujube Australia we sell 5 varieties of dried jujube, each with its own size, shape and delicious flavour.

We have Li and Winter Wonder varieties remaining from our 2019 harvest.

Which is your favourite?

Simply click on your favourite jujube, add the quantity you would like to the Cart, and pay at the Checkout!

Wholesale orders of 10 kg and above are now available directly through our website for the special rate of $28/kg. Wholesale orders apply only to our Li jujubes and include free postage. Click on the Li button to see the options. Note that jujubes in wholesale orders come in 1.25 kg bags. For orders above 50 kg please contact us here.

All prices include FREE SHIPPING with regular parcel delivery by Australia Post anywhere within Australia.

Payment is conducted securely through Stripe, PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer.