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Meet the McCarthys

Once a freshwater research scientist, Bernard McCarthy resigned from his job to dive headfirst into the jujube industry. On his property near Mildura in Victoria, he began propagating and planting jujube trees and watched on as they flourished under the Australian sun. Today, Jujube Australia is proud to be the premium producer of fresh and dried jujubes in Australia.

It seems the apple (or jujube) doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the McCarthy’s passion for the ancient superfood.

The development of Australia’s jujube industry began in 1993 when Bernard’s parents, David and Val McCarthy, established Australia’s first ever commercial jujube orchard. They built a small but loyal market in Sydney where the fruit was in high demand. In 2004, following the passing of David, Bernard was inspired to continue his parents' jujube pioneering work with the quest to bring jujube’s delicious taste and high nutritional value to the world!