Buy Jujube Trees

Dreaming of a jujube tree in your own backyard?

At Jujube Australia we propagate jujube trees for our commercial orchard. But we have run out of space and for a limited time we have a surplus of high yielding, top quality jujube trees for sale!


With over 25 years in the jujube industry we have selected only the best trees from the premium varieties as our nursery stock. You can rest assured that your rare and beautiful jujube tree will provide you with delicious and super-healthy jujube fruit every year.

What you get:

  • Commercial-grade jujube trees of the best varieties – tried and tested.
  • High yielding trees that fruit for around 3-6 weeks in March and April each year.
  • Planting, pruning and maintenance information with your tree.
  • A long-lived tree with one of the fastest payback periods of any fruit tree.

The Li jujube tree is one of the very best self-fruitful varieties, making it an ideal choice if you only have space for one tree. For Shanxi Li, Shuimen and Chico varieties, we recommend having a second tree of any different variety to maximise fruit set and fruit size. Trees are around 50cm high and are available to send in June/July each year.

Buy up to 10 Trees

Buy up to 10 commercial-grade jujube trees from any of the 4 available varieties – Li, Shanxi Li, Chico and Shuimen.

Bulk Discounts

Receive a 7% discount for 2-4 trees and 14% discount for 5-10 trees. For wholesale quantities visit our Contact Us page.

Free Shipping

Delivered to most states* in June/July 2021 with free postage through Australia Post.

Jujube varieties

Jujube Trees

From: $150 incl. GST

  • Li Tree

    Our most popular jujube and one of the best varieties to eat fresh or dried. Fast producing with high yields of large fruit (around 30g each), it is a wonderful first tree to have. The Li jujube is self-fruitful, meaning you only require one tree to obtain a good yield. OUT OF STOCK

    Out of stock

  • Shanxi Li Tree

    A great jujube tree with fruit sometimes claimed to be bigger and better than Li, but very similar in our experience. Pairing Shanxi Li with a second tree of a different variety is recommended to maximise fruit set and fruit size. OUT OF STOCK

    Out of stock

  • Shuimen Tree

    An elegant, upright tree that produces medium-sized, oblong-shaped fruit (around 25g) that taste great fresh or dried. Pairing Shuimen with a second tree is recommended to maximise fruit set and fruit size. OUT OF STOCK

    Out of stock

  • Chico Tree

    Popular for eating fresh and dried. Chico trees have medium sized fruit that are deliciously tart and sweet! The tree tends to be bushy with spikes but can be managed well with pruning. Pairing Chico with a second tree of a different variety is recommended to maximise fruit set and fruit size. OUT OF STOCK

    Out of stock


“I purchased a bare rooted Li jujube from you a few months ago during the winter, and I am so impressed with its incredible growth. The foliage is so green, shiny and healthy looking, I can hardly believe it. It has flowered and is setting fruit already!” Chris, Central Qld, October 2020

Additional information


Jujube trees are around 50cm high, their prices are inclusive of GST, and they have FREE SHIPPING.

We will arrange with you in advance for the delivery of your tree(s) in June or July so you can be ready to plant upon their arrival.

Trees are sent when dormant and “bare-rooted” (like in the picture) and are ready to plant straight away in readiness for spring (planting tips are included with your order).

Jujube trees tolerate frost and heat well and require a sunny position – full sun is ideal. They prefer low humidity environments.

Jujubes can be grown in a large pot. Their size and shape can be managed with annual pruning.

If looked after well your tree should reward you with delicious fruit in its first year. The Li tree with fruit shown in the picture above was in the ground for nine months – no kidding!

* We sell our jujube trees in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory (not Western Australia or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions).