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Dried jujubes

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We are very pleased with the quality of the dried jujubes from our 2023 harvest. Each jujube is picked, washed, then placed into our commercial electric dehydrators (powered with 100% renewable energy) on the same day. Jujube are dried using heat only at just the right temperature before being cooled and placed into our cool room to maximise freshness. We then carefully grade our jujubes to ensure that only high quality jujubes arrive to our valued customers. And rest assured that every jujube we sell is grown by us on our family farm near Mildura, Victoria.
So treat yourself to nature’s most delicious and nutritious snack!
We offer 5 different varieties of dried jujube, each with its own unique shape, size and flavour profile.

Our jujubes come in three grades: Premium Jumbo, Premium and Class 1. The grade relates to the size of the dried jujube, with Class 1 jujubes being generally smaller and sold at a discounted rate.
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Explore the range and discover the jujube for you. For orders above 50 kg please contact us here for a special price.